We need to reclaim our streets for people: for young families and dog owners, for seniors who want to stay in their homes, for those who get around on two wheels, and for children and youth who deserve safe routes to school. Having the ability to safely get around your neighbourhood is about quality of life, and a matter of equity for those without the physical or financial means to rely on a personal vehicle.

Our Shared Priorities

  • Consider our options: reduced speed limits, better parking bylaw enforcement, and traffic calming measures are all proven and promising approaches to make our streets safer.
  • Invest in more and better sidewalks. Sidewalks aren’t suitable for all parts of Saanich, but we need to act more quickly to bring them to neighbourhoods with rising traffic and pedestrian conflicts, and where the use of mobility devices is on the rise.

We need “real communities” in Saanich! More of our neighbourhoods need corner stores and coffee shops: places to buy the things you need, to interact with people of all generations along the way, and to provide jobs close to home. These amenities, the daily interactions that come with them, and the ability to easily get around with multiple transportation options are all essential elements of vibrant communities.

Our Shared Priorities

  • Add more housing and a greater variety of housing to our urban areas, especially lower-cost options like duplexes, townhouses, and mid-rise condos. We urgently need more rental housing in Saanich, allowing families, young professionals, and students have a future here.
  • Put more housing in areas with multiple transportation options, such as bus, bike, or walking. This allows seniors to stay in their homes, makes it easier for youth & young families to make ends meet, and helps neighbourhoods stay vibrant and economically resilient over the long-term.
  • Work with the province and local non-profit organizations to leverage funding and increase below-market housing in Saanich to do our share to tackle homelessness and this unprecedented housing crisis.

We urgently need leadership on regional transportation challenges. We have a narrow window of opportunity right now to leverage support from provincial and federal governments that support public transit improvements. How can we not seize it?

The benefits are multiple: improved quality of life, a more productive local economy, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, better air quality, and a region that is more affordable because car-free living is viable.

We cannot afford to not act.

Our Shared Priorities

  • Overcome the governance challenges that stand in the way of a longer-term solution to our growing traffic congestion woes by working with the Province to put all options on the table, including a regional transportation authority.
  • Be a stronger advocate for BC Transit users to secure more and better service for Saanich residents, and to give personal vehicle drivers more reason to consider it.
  • Improve coordination with neighbouring municipalities on transportation planning for all modes (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists) to smooth transitions and save money.

Let’s help keep property taxes and service fees in check and avoid passing on a financial burden to future generations.

Our Shared Priorities

  • Increase housing in our urban areas to keep costs for owners/renters lower and reduce costs for Saanich to service them by sharing costs among more residents.
  • Reset Saanich’s relationship with the business community and work hard to attract more commercial and industrial enterprises to provide jobs and amenities in our neighbourhoods.
  • Make our land-use planning processes more efficient for everyone and incentivize the things we want to see (like below-market housing) by putting those applications at the front of the queue.
  • Avoid unfairly burdening future generations by paying down debts accumulated from insufficient past investments in our extensive infrastructure assets and municipal facilities.
  • Ensure the full and long-term costs of new assets (e.g. parks) and initiatives are understood before we dive in headfirst.

Saanich has a strong legacy of environmental leadership — it is an integral part of our fabric. As the largest municipality on the island, we have a tremendous opportunity to lead in other areas. To accomplish this, we need to be more ambitious in pursuing our goals to make Saanich better, to work as a team on regional issues, and work harder at building bridges.

Our Shared Priorities

  • Protect our green spaces and agricultural lands to benefit future generations and to stay part of our unique identify, while increasing housing in our urban areas.
  • Put a strong policy framework and adequate resourcing in place to maintain our extensive parks network, natural areas, and their tremendous biodiversity value.
  • Restore a spirit of collaboration and goodwill in Saanich: among Council members, between Council and staff, and between the municipality and our residents.
  • Focus on issues rather than personalities, have high standards for accountability and transparency, and work together to build a common vision for Saanich’s future.