About Rebecca

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“I’m running for Saanich Council and the CRD because we need more leadership and cooperation to address affordability and regional transportation challenges. We also need community leaders who are more in touch with the changing needs of our residents, and who will be accountable for considering the interests of the majority, not just a vocal few. Saanich has so much to offer, to all of us.””




Rebecca Mersereau
MSc, RPBio, Master’s of Public Administration Candidate

My balanced, cooperative, and pragmatic approach will help elevate discussion above the political and personal, to the issues and priorities we need to focus on to move us forward. Many individuals and parties in Saanich are overlooked and need a louder voice: youth & young families, those on low and fixed incomes, small business, and the growing number of linguistic and ethnic minorities who call Saanich home. I want to ensure Saanich works for all of us, now and into the future.

I have a long track record of community service and the professional qualifications to well. As a consultant, I work every day with local governments around the country to help them manage and improve the financial sustainability of their most critical services —water. After a narrow defeat by 30 votes in the 2014 election, I enrolled in a part-time Master’s of Public Administration Degree at UVic to enhance my understanding of local government operations and ensure my contributions to Saanich are informed and effective.

I’ve served on over a dozen community boards in the last 10 years and support many organizations that advance values and causes that are important to me, a few of which are highlighted below.

  • Current Chair of the CRD Water Advisory Committee (member since 2013)
  • Current Secretary of the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (board member since 2013)
  • Current appointed member of the Saanich Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Advisory Committee (since 2015)
  • Current member of the Royal Oak Community Association, Victoria Placemaking Network, Fair Vote Canada, the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, Habitat Acquisition Trust, and the College of Applied Biology

The values that guide me every day are fairness, accountability, and perseverance. I want your vision for Saanich to be reflected in this place and in the interactions and services you experience every day. We all should feel a sense of pride in this beautiful place we call home.