About Me


Saanich Council needs stronger leadership and more diversity to better represent the needs of all residents. Most critically, we urgently need a clear and sustainable vision for our future. I’m also stepping up to fulfill the tall order of carrying forward the legacy and principled approach of my mentor, late Saanich Councillor Vic Derman.

I’m a life-long learner.  I love community service and the meaning, reward, and lasting relationships that flow from it. Along with a desire for more forward-thinking decision making in Saanich and the encouragement of my mentor, late Saanich Councillor Vic Derman, this is what brought me to municipal politics.

I’ve served on over a dozen community boards in the last 10 years. Giving back is an important part of who I am. My current volunteer roles reflect just a few of my many passions:

I work with local governments, their staff, and elected officials on a daily basis in my role as a water resource consultant. I advise them on the financial management of their water services, and help governments at all levels put policies and plans in place to ensure sustainable use of our most precious natural resource.

My interest and qualifications in public policy and governance extend well beyond water.  After narrowly missing the last seat in the 2014 Saanich election, I enrolled in UVic’s Master’s of Public Administration program to better equip myself for the important challenge of steering our municipality through the turbulent times ahead. It has helped me better understand local government roles and responsibilities, the nuances of public financial management, and the importance of engaging meaningfully with citizens.

Saanich also defines part of who I am. I love the diversity within our municipality: the vibrant and varied urban core, the rural edges and agricultural lands, the charming semi-urban areas in between, and our enviable parks network. Maintaining this diversity and the quality of life it affords us for the enjoyment of future generations has motivated me to step forward to protect it.

I hope you’ll support me in my bid to continue my learning and community service from inside the Council Chambers.




Rebecca Mersereau, MSc, RPBio, MPA Candidate