My Priorities to Keep Young Families in Saanich

Read my responses to the survey about young families in Saanich

The issues of young families seem to have been neglected in Saanich for some time now, likely because they are not often ‘in the flesh’ to speak up for their own interests. I know this is not due to lack of interest, but rather young families not having the luxury of time to actively engage in important opportunities to influence public priorities. And we certainly don’t do them any favours in our scheduling & locating of events, or our slow transition to technology that could expand the circle of people who could participate. I hope to provide a voice to this group of critical Saanich residents.

Saanich Neighbourhood Place recently sent a survey to candidates, to elicit their ideas about how to better serve families in Saanich (link above). They also hosted a fantastic pancake breakfast for candidates and young families! Very glad to see some of their issues finally taking centre stage.