Where I Stand on Amalgamation

With this being my third local election campaign in Greater Victoria and my third year of a part-time Master’s in Public Administration, I’ve thought, researched, and written a lot about amalgamation. My position can be summed up by three terms:

  • open minded,

  • respectful of the wishes of Saanich residents (i.e. I believe in democratic processes), and

  • interested in more information to ensure it is in the best interests of Saanich and the region (i.e. amalgamation with whom? with what goals & timelines? how will our municipal costs all be shared & reconciled?).

I invite those interested in my in-depth thoughts on amalgamation to read some or all of my responses to survey questionnaires on the topic. I still stand by the responses I provided in my 2014 campaign, last year’s by-election, and earlier in this campaign.

Thanks for your interest!