Why my Political Independence is an Asset for Saanich

One of the most common things I’m asked on the doorstep is “which political party do you belong to” or “which party do you vote for?” 

I believe being unaffiliated and having an ability to cooperate with anyone around the Council table who shares common interests is one of my biggest assets as a Council candidate. I’ve too often seen personal differences of opinion or steadfast ideology getting in the way of meaningful change for the rest of us.

The possibility of being an effective, independent elected official is a large part of the draw to municipal politics for me. Municipal councils are the last bastion of non-partisan politics, in this region at least, and I’d really like to see it stay that way.

In my view, close affiliations with political parties and even local interest groups can cause divided loyalties. Trying to serve the public interest as well as another organization’s more strategic, short-term interests can clearly be in conflict. I value the freedom to evaluate issues and decisions on the basis of their merits, rather than be forced into compromises due to political considerations.

Focussing on the issues that matter most to Saanich residents and objectively considering a range of solutions – no matter who their champions are – is the only way we can move forward. Candidates like me are difficult to pigeon-hole. I can’t be confined to a single point on the political spectrum (in fact, I believe there are many political spectrums). More importantly, what I can do is bring a more balanced, cooperative, and pragmatic voice to the Council table.